Dr. | Amy/11- seriously hot.

[fic] Amelia

Title: Amelia
Characters: Eleven/Amy
Word Count: 1141
Rating: PG (fluffy as a kitten)
Summary: He remembers everything; everything he should know and everything he doesn't want to.
Notes: Posted this up on FF.Net a while back, but I expanded on it and thought I'd put it here.

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that Pond., Dr. | Just flippin' sitting there

[fic] The Ring

Title: The Ring
Characters: Eleven, Amy (mentions of Amy/Rory)
Word Count: 797
Rating: PG
Summary: She can't put the name she whispers and the face she pictures together; she can't allow them to touch.
Notes: Spoilers up to 'Cold Blood', but set after 'The Lodger'. What I think might occur after Amy finds that ring.

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Royai | If we were a love story

[fic] Partly Comatose

Title: Partly Comatose
Characters: Roy, Riza (Royai)
Word Count: 642
Rating: PG
Summary: She's lying there, pumped full of drugs and still as death, and all he can think about is how beautiful she is.
Notes: This was finished and posted at 11:43 pm. Therefore it still counts as Royai day.

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