『 ♥ We're a Thousand Miles From Home With No Ship! ♥ 』

We Are the Spaceketeers.

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titles are for wimps
PKMN | betch i'll pika-slap you.


all fics are public, though. icons reside at omgwtfbbq_icons. comment to be added.

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Hello! may I be added as a friend of yours?
If you have any qualms, you may ask me any question and I will answer to the best of my abilities!
Thank you ^.^

I found you... *resists the urge to break into song* Hi? ♥

...Sing "Pinch Me". >_>


Hi! I just wanted to ask if it was alright with you or not to use on of your winning icons from kunoichi_stills for itest_listing? The icon was already used as a sample over here. Please let me know if its alright, if not, we'll remove it ASAP. Thank you! :D

That's fine with me! ♥ Use it to your hearts desire.

Hello! I was wondering if we could be friends.
I found you through the ShikaTema comm and my flist is seriously lacking in ShikaTema love. :'D

(Deleted comment)
D: so sorry. I completely and totally forgot. Thanks for pointing it out! Fixed it.

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